American Survival Guide Prepper Issue Spr/Sum 2021 Digital

American Survival Guide Prepper Issue Spr/Sum 2021 Digital

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This issue of the ASG Prepper Manual prepares readers and enthusiasts for potential challenges during the warmer months of the year. While core necessities are non-seasonal, many situations that arise during the spring and summer months are unique to this time of year and require specific plans, training, tools and supplies to ensure positive outcomes. To simplify coverage of the best survival gear and outdoor equipment, we’ve organized this issue into 10 critical topics. We cover matters such as the best survival food, self defense products, living off the grid, bushcraft cutlery and even include a comprehensive emergency supplies list. Many of our regular contributors share their expertise in this Prepper Manual. Jim Cobb’s Fire section covers the basics as well as advice for the best tools to include in your fire survival kit. Michael D’Angona provides great advice and some unusual thoughts for selecting and preparing the best survival foods for your situation. Christopher Nyerges’ Energy section takes a hard look at making choices for determining what grid-dependent survival equipment you really have to have, and options for dumping many items that need electricity. Suzy Jeffries discusses the important subject of getting and staying healthy through all sorts of emergencies.

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