American Outdoor Guide January 2022

American Outdoor Guide January 2022

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Training is a key topic for the January 2022 issue of American Outdoor Guide. First, Reuben Bolieu presents an in-depth profile of Randall’s Adventure & Training, a group of survival experts that offers a range of courses both in the United States and in South America. Mike Travis then gives us a look at land navigation courses offered by the Nature Reliance School to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to find their way reliably whenever they step off pavement. Christopher Nyerges gives an insider’s look at the Hyke Farm, an urban backyard gardening operation. In a companion article, Nyerges provides details of how to create a discreet gardening operation in an urban setting without alerting passers-by that you’re growing edibles. Bolieu also gives us tips and techniques in the use of the Kukri: a big blade with lots of history and lots of versatility. Michael D’Angona has put together a buyer’s guide to tools needed to process wood down to usable chunks of firewood. He also gives us a rundown on the use of blowguns: an ancient weapon still in use today. Brian Morris gives us good advice on what to carry in your vehicle should you need to abandon it and head home on foot. Last, Nyerges pays homage to Larry Dean Olsen, widely considered the father of primitive skills training.

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