American Outdoor Guide September 2021

American Outdoor Guide September 2021

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It’s great to be able to stretch our legs in the outdoors again! This issue helps you remember the do’s and don’ts for keeping safe as we commune with nature. Dana Benner reminds us how to be wary of everything that’s going on around us when we venture outside and away from home. He knocks some of the rust off the skills we use on city streets and mountain paths. Dana also wrote a helpful article about what we should watch for when we’re around other peoples’ dogs. Whether they’ve lost some social skills over the last year or they have poor owners, they are more of a concern than ever. That domestic dogs represent a significant cause for emergency room visits every year is nothing to be ignored. Sean Curtis spent a lot of time with four watches for two reviews in this issue. Ranging from the techy, informative and trail-friendly Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical Edition that can make you virtually lost-proof, to three classic, dependable field watches from Bertucci, these timepieces are worthy of a long look. Dr. Joe Alton knows a great deal about the importance of saving time when practicing first aid in the field. A renowned field and survival medic, he shares his top gear tips for when you are away from civilization.

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