American Outdoor Guide November 2021

American Outdoor Guide November 2021

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For resourceful outdoor enthusiasts who might celebrate Thanksgiving surrounded by Nature, Reuben Bolieu’s cover story explains how to build handy cooking setups from materials found around camp. In a related piece, Jim Jeffries discusses humanity’s first multi-tool - fire – and how to turn a spark to a flame using tools you should always have in your EDC. Steve Barlow’s review of the Gerber Doubledown describes the edgy awesomeness of this unique folding machete… or is it a bushcraft knife? You be the judge.

 Christopher Nyerges fills us in on what he regards as most important for outdoor and overall preparedness. Considering his almost 50 years of teaching outdoor and self-reliance skills, this is a must-read! If you’re not skilled at navigation, you could get disoriented in the woods, like the example Kyt Lyn Walken gives us as she explains the psychology of being lost. As with the most valuable survival skills, what’s in your head is very important when you find yourself off the path and have no idea which way to go. Maybe one of the optics in this month’s Gear Guide would help you stay on track.

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