American Outdoor Guide February 2022

American Outdoor Guide February 2022

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Fieldcraft Survival is one of the premier survival training academies in the country. In the February 2022 issue of American Outdoor Guide, Reuben Bolieu profiles this Utah-based organization that not only offers a wide range of courses, including survival, navigation and emergency medicine, but offers top-notch outdoor gear as well. And when you’re out in the wild, you need proper knives. Bolieu, in two articles, reviews the latest knives from the Pathfinder Knife Shop and Bear Forest Knives. Christopher Nyerges reviews homemade fire pistons made from everyday available items and in a related piece, profiles their maker – Tom Grover – who has packed his lifetime with outdoor adventure. Nyerges, of course, writes the magazine’s monthly Plant Advisor column. This month he discusses the staghorn sumac, an easily recognized plant with fuzzy seeds that can be steeped to make tea or a refreshing lemonade. Paul Rackley gives us a review of a new shotgun offering from Savage Arms. Savage is known more for its hunting rifles and the Renegauge is the first shotgun to carry the Savage brand name in many years. According to Rackley, this semi-auto shotgun is a worthy choice for the game fields. Fighting drought is a serious subject and Dana Benner provides us with ways to water our gardens with the runoff from our air conditioners and dehumidifiers. And in the monthly gear guide, Michael D’Angona shows us products to help get us over the hill and up the mountains.

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