C10 Builders Guide Winter 2019 Digital

C10 Builders Guide Winter 2019 Digital

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C10 Builder's Guide: Radical Roadster

 Introduced to you by the editors of Street Trucks Magazine, C10 Builders is your best guide to constructing the classic C-10 platform from 1960-1987, covering everything from slammed cruisers to pro-touring muscle trucks and restored classics. Among truck lovers and customizers, the Chevy C-10 is one of America's most known classics. The current magazine tells how to build excitement in the community of C10 and offers data on a complete bolt-on rust-free resurrection, the Project Raven. in this automotive magazine You will find what we experience during the makeover process, what to expect when you begin sparing your own C10 and information about SECRET6, Battle in Bama and much more!  If you really like classic Chevy C10 and Six truck as much as we like, get the guide from C10 Builder.

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