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Tread Mar/Apr 2017

Tread Mar/Apr 2017 Tread Mar/Apr 2017
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Life in the office can run you down. Surviving countless hours in front of computer screens, imprisoned by a maze of beige cubical walls, takes a special breed. Fortunately, we can occasionally retreat from this particular incarceration by turning to the printed magazine pages we’re so desperately addicted to. We’re passionate about magazines and enthusiastic about creating content for die-hard enthusiasts. Weird? Probably. But it’s those pages—these pages, for that matter—that make what we do so thoroughly enjoyable. Even those bleakest of beige days are a forgotten thing of the past when first-bound issues land on your desk. Never more so than the premier issue of a new launch. After months in the making—the “silly idea” turned run sheet, the long design meetings, the failed assignments, the successful ones and, of course, harsh lessons learned again—we’re left with an undeniably proud sense of accomplishment.

Welcome to the first issue of Tread Magazine. Tread Magazine is a new adventure for us: an organic collaboration of our automotive and outdoor publishing groups here at Engaged Media. it’s where one natural and ancient world meets a Mechanical and modern one—a coming together of two passions: the automotive aftermarket and the great outdoors. it’s a guide not just about where you go, but also about how you get there. Along the way, you’ll discover some of the very best purpose-built 4x4s, essential aftermarket upgrades and crucial technical insight, then, get lost in a multitude of outdoor subjects—from recreation to survival; tips, techniques and, of course, loads of great gear. We’re treading off the beaten path and onto one colored with adventure. We hope to see you out there.

Jason Mulroney
Editorial Director

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