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Enjoy nitro-powered coverage of America’s original extreme motorsport with Drag Racer. Get our once-only subscription offer and save 67%!!


Does your heart pump for the fastest vehicles on the planet? Are you a die-hard fan of America’s sport of drag racing? Then add fuel to your fire with Drag Racer—the magazine with a unique perspective on this high-impact test of man and machine.  And our one-time subscription offer accelerates your savings at a flat 67% discount!!


Read Drag Racer to –


Read informative articles from the most respected individuals in the sport


Go on factory tours and get loaded on the hottest car features and driver profiles


Enjoy thought-provoking columns and ‘behind the scenes’ race coverage


Get comprehensive coverage of Sportsman, Pro and Nostalgia racing


…and access all the info to satisfy the passionate drag-racing enthusiast in you.



You deserve the best from the world of drag racing. You deserve Drag Racer.



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